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    Dream Map Quilt

    As girl I had recurring dreams of flying over mystical intersecting roads, but lost in the endless tasks of early motherhood, I felt I was losing my ability to dream. I began to have dreams where I attempted to fly, but no longer could. The improvisational piecing technique spun off of Elizabeth Hartman’s Mod Mosaic block. It was an attempt to get back in touch with daydreaming and exploration without purpose. The gray roads in this piece meander, intersect and connect landscapes of bright girlhood fabrics, creating a stained glass bizarre dream map of a city that doesn’t exist. I worked on this quilt on and off for two years.…

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    Mad Farmer’s Medallion – Complete!

    One of my favorite Wendell Berry quotes is this one, from his famous poem “Manifesto, Mad Farmer Liberation Front“: Expect the end of the world. Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable. Be joyful though you have considered all the facts. And another, from another well know Berry poem “The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer“: I am done with apologies. If contrariness is my inheritance and destiny, so be it. If it is my mission to go in at exits and come out at entrances, so be it. I love both poems and they kept coming to mind as I embarked on this ridiculous medallion quilt about three years ago. Here is a post…

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    Double-Sided Baby Quilt

    I finished this baby quilt shortly after the baby was born, but never got pictures of it. I used it as a play gym for her until recently, since she is now too grown up for play gyms! I wrote about the play gym process here – it was easy to pull off the arches and transition it into a play mat – perfect for sitting on the front porch and watching the cats.

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    The Littlest Baby Blanket

    This little quilt is made from the scraps of this very big quilt.  It doesn’t really have much of a purpose, but it is so sweet and soft looking I’m sure it will find a nice use in the house. I had all the circles in a pile. I just glued them down with a glue stick and then began quilting. I wanted it to have the frayed edges. This is how much it has frayed after one wash. I thought about match stick quilting and also about doing a grid. But I think it has enough stitching in it for now. For the first time in many years, I…

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    Really Scrappy Rainbow Lonestar Finished!

    Yay! I had wanted to finish this hateful thing glorious beast by the end of the year. In part to reach my Finish Along goal, but more because I was worried I would NEVER finish it, and frankly I was sick of having it hang in my “unfinished quilts” pile. I did NOT want to press it again, and I had already pressed it. So it had to get done! I have something of a tutorial here, if anyone is interested in my modified lone star math I had to come up with. Ok, get ready for a million pictures, because I am just in love with the front and…

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    #OHCraft Sew-in and Finish Along

    This weekend I went to the #OHCraft Sew-in, which is an awesome, low key, annual retreat for crafters across the state. It’s such a nice weekend and was beautiful with the fall weather. I’ll be honest, I spent most of the time sewing, and did not really make the most of my access to the beautiful Appalachian scenery! However, I finished three tops that had been languishing in the WIP shelf for over a year! Now I have a giant pile of quilts that need basted and quilted. That is going to be my goal for the finish along: To finish them by the end of the year! Yikes! Lucky…

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    How to Make A Really Scrappy Lone Star Quilt

    Traditional Lone Star Overview The Lone Star is a traditional diamond shaped block – traditionally you do planned colors so it makes a cool radiating star pattern. For an example of that, here is a cool tutorial! It requires really careful piecing, because if all your bias cut seams don’t match up just right, you lose some of the effect. The strips are all the same length and width and you have to carefully calculate your strip piecing and color placement to get the perfect effect. Another option is the slightly scrappy lone star, which Better Off Thread has a nice tutorial  with examples for that effect! While her version uses…

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    Finished that Scrappy Trip

    Some years ago, everyone on the internet, ok, maybe just the quilters, started making scrappy trip along quilts. They are fun and fast and a great way to use up scraps, how could I resist?  I made one using the ugliest fabrics I had and then made another using the ugliest fabrics I had that matched this muted rainbow color scheme. I then lost interest in finishing the second one and made this awesome Eric Carle Quilt instead and the scrappy trip sat for a year and a half. Except it didn’t just sit! We actually used it on the bed on colder nights as a back up blanket, which…

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    Charley Harper Bird Pixel Quilt – Plus Tutorial

    I’ve long been obsessed with making Charley Harper quilts for years now – I love his artwork! However, I can’t seem to make my self finish one of them! Here is a an early process shot of my goldfinch quilt and here is the finished top from last fall. Miraculously, I made the back and basted that yesterday, so hopefully photos soon of that coming along! May be a few years before I can decide how to quilt it – but I’m thinking orange peels? I also started a cardinal version last fall at the #OHCraft Retreat that the amazing Kara puts together every year – maybe I’ll finish it at this…

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    Mad Farmer’s Medallion

    I am calling this beast the Mad Farmers Medallion after the Wendell Berry poem series (here is another) It needs another border (can’t decide what) and I can’t decide how to quilt it, so it’s going to sit in the corner till it figures itself out. It is Wednesday, so I am linking with other Works in Progress today. It was an attempt to use up my gray and pink scraps. I have a SERIOUS amount of scrap fabric, partly due to always being the first to pipe up when someone is tossing them out, and partly due to my modest little quilt business and the wedding signature quilts I make. I…