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Bunting Flag Wedding Signature Quilts!

Bunting Wedding Signature Quilt

Gray Diamonds QuiltIf you spend a lot of time looking at quilts on-line (guilty!) I know you will recognize this design from a few that have been floating around.

It is my new favorite design for wedding signature quilts – the bride had the flags at the wedding and then she mailed them to me to sew onto a quilt.

So, this isn’t a work in progress – it’s finished! Yay!

We had a non-terrible day so I was able to take some photos yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s snowing and freezing again this morning.

The back is this diamond/lattice/HST hybrid quilt that I love. With Moda Reunion bunting flag fabric in there – so perfect !

I recently made a book of all my quilts to bring to a local wedding craft fair (it was such a lovely event) and my husband pointed out that my quilt photos are kind of like taking a weird tour around our house.

My red door features prominently in many of them!

Gray Diamonds Quilt

I decided to take a few featuring other parts of my house. Like my rain barrel:

 Bunting Flag Wedding Quilt

and my little half shed thing:
Red and Gray Diamond Quilt

And here is a final shot with the quilt all wadded up in a pile, the quilts natural resting habitat.

Bunting Flag Wedding QuiltI’m linking up with Freshly Pieced and all the other beautiful things happening this Wednesday!



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