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Australian Hot Air Balloon Quilt

Australia Hot Air Balloon QuiltDid I mention the kangaroos? I love doing applique and it’s been a while … I used raw edge fused applique for this quilt, because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life hand-sewing those tiny ears and curls. It’s made me want to do a washer test of different methods of applique – to see what lasts best in the washer. These little faces should last for many, many washes, but I am interested in trying out other methods.

I am currently in the middle of a great experiment involving fabric markers – wherein I have run a swatch of fabric with 4 different brands of marker on it through the wash about 10 times to see which wears best over time.  So far they all look the same…

But onto the quilt! A gal mailed me on etsy and wondered if I had any ideas for a world travel themed quilt. I suggested a hot air balloon, and it turns out a lovely family memory is of a hot air balloon ride over Australia. The rest is cotton history…

Australia Hot Air Balloon Quilt

We worked in all the immediate family members via short descriptions. I was so excited to work on this project! I just love cute little drawings, and quilting, and OH MY GOD the two together…heaven…
Australia Hot Air Balloon Quilt
It’s for a little boy’s room – with a main color of red. I used mostly Kona cotton for the applique and just love the colors so much! It’s so wonderful to have access to all these heirloom quality fabrics in vibrant colors. We’re quilting in the future!
Australia Hot Air Balloon Quilt

Australia Hot Air Balloon Quilt

For the back I used Aneela Hoey’s “A Walk in the Woods” Stripes and Mushrooms — I like the soft grays, reds and blues.

And I did the world’s fattiest binding – 3 inches! I usually do a tiny binding 2.25 or even 2 inch binding, but I wanted to add a fluffy, softer touch to this little guy.
Australia Hot Air Balloon Quilt


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