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A Jelly Good Time

Matt and I used the rainy day Saturday to have a day in the kitchen – we haven’t done this in a while. Put on the podcasts and start boiling water. We made an English IPA, some wine from a kit, and dandelion wine from this recipe:

Pick 2 quarts dandelion flowers, remove base, add gallon of boiling water, let sit two days.

Simmer 20 min. Strain out dandelion. Add peel and juice of 4 oranges and 2.5 lb sugar. Cool. Add one tsp yeast nutrient and yeast. Put in fermenter. Use extra liquid to make dandelion orange marmalade.

I had more dandelion mixture than would fit in my one gallon jug, so I used it to make some dandelion-orange marmalade using oranges we had leftover from our trip down South.

Dandelion orange marmalade. Had oranges left from our trip down south.


Then I made some Violet Jelly from this recipe. It hasn’t set yet! Fingers crossed…
Violet jelly, check. Tastes as lovely as it looks.



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