Zombies are a Girl’s Best Friend

I have a dear friend who loves zombies and pretty but not tooo pretty things, so I made her a zombie quilt recently, as a joint birthday/Christmas present, since she is awesome at gifts and I am frankly, not awesome at that.

zombie quilt

I pulled this photo of Jenny’s facebook page after she received it. My own photos suffer from winter ennui. I enjoyed making this quilt but couldn’t bring myself to do a real photo-shoot, not that my photos are ever anything that interesting but I’ve hit new lows. Enjoy these grim blurry kitchen floor photos and dream of spring with me!

Zombie Apocalypse Quilt

I saw this fabric a few months ago and IMMEDIATELY HAD TO HAVE IT! It sat on my desk for about six weeks before I decides black and white tile diamonds mixed with zombies was perfect for my classy, sassy friend. I was inspired by bathroom tile in fancy old buildings. No shame in my love of bathrooms.

Zombie Apocalypse Quilt

Tragically, forever, I found this zombie skeleton toile the day I finished this quilt. It would have been so perfect in this project. I ordered it anyway and dropped it in the package. Jenny sews so she can come up with something for it.

Zombie Apocalypse Quilt

Ugh, let’s just pretend that these pictures were taken while zombies were chasing me. Pretty good for that! This is the only full size one I have. Soooo blurry. What, I was running from a zombie! Geez.

Zombie Apocalypse Quilt


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