Yoga! Pretty Fall Leaves!

Eleanor took this pictureOh dear, will it ever stop raining? The ground is all soggy and sqooshy. I squished over to yoga today and for the last few Wednesdays because of a deal I got on Groupon (which I am a recent convert to). To spice up this boring post I have stolen an awesome fall picture from my dear friend Eleanor.  Isn’t she talented?

OK – yoga: This studio does some kind of lightly heated (80 degree) high energy Ashtanga knock-off, with rocking dance-pop music (Including that horrible Black Eyed Peas version of “Time of my life” where they say “you-ou-ou-ou” and “dirty bit” a lot. (I don’t get it!)). I actually like most pop music and went back and forth between whether thumping bass and Ke$ha singing about glitter raining down made Downward Dog oddly stressful or exciting and energetic.  Thoughts?

The instructor is incredibly loud, and talks a lot, but rarely anything too useful, mostly “BREATHE-BREATHE-BREATHE” and it’s like, are we doing yoga, or having a panic attack? Or both! I don’t know!

But during Upward Dog, she said, “Make sure the tops of your feet are flat on the floor, if you curl your toes under, you’ll stress out your back.” And I have done a lot of yoga with a lot of instructors and read about yoga for years and never heard that.  She’s totally right! Awesome! I was doing it wrong, all this time! I think I picked up the habit of curling under my toes from watching another student at some point and thinking they were doing it right.  This is why you shouldn’t sit at the back of the class.

I like yoga and I like the quiet place my mind goes to during the repetitive movements; feeling my arms move smoothly into the next position without instruction from me or the yelling lady. Maybe the loud chaos of this studio even helps drown out the random anxieties that pop up in the middle of poses (a former instructor calls it “monkey mind”).

Ok, tomorrow I will have a bunch of crafts to show off. I have been hand-sewing lately and today my goal has been to actually finish some of the 20 or so projects I started last week.

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