Yellow Dresdens

Over the summer I cut up a million yellow dresdens for a project that never happened. I saw this “Dare to Dresden” project and thought I’d hop on to see if it motivated me to come up with something for them.

I made this yellow pillow, which I am not in love with. I do like how it almost looks like a a D. It’s nice and sunny on this rainy day!

Yellow Dresdens

And I have these long strips, that are growing on me.

Yello Dresdens

If you want to see a lot of great dresdens, you must check out the amazing work over at Sew We Quilt! It’s really becoming a great resource for thinking about Dresdens.

And for fun, here are some other people writing about dresdens today:

Charlotte H @ “that Other Blog”

34 thoughts on “Yellow Dresdens

  1. kimberlee

    I don’t like yellow much, but I like your pillow! I love that touch of blue in it. I don’t see a D either. 😛 The strips look like sunbeams.

  2. Joyce Carter

    I really like the yellow pillow. It reminds me of a warm, sunny day with just a touch of a breeze. Thank you for sharing.

  3. usairdoll

    I love yellow! What a lovely pillow! How clever to have one blue blade, very modern and chic, hehe. Thanks for sharing with us, great job!


  4. Gill

    I love your yellow dresdens – so bright and cheerful on a grey, wet and windy day here in England!
    Thank you for sharing!


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