Yellow and Gray Wedding Quilt

I’m very happy about this wedding quilt I made for a young couple. It is a full-size, here is is all crinkly from the wash.
Love One Another Quilt Label

Gray and Yellow Pinwheel

Gray and Yellow Pinwheel

Gray and Yellow Pinwheel

My husband snapped this picture of me working on it:

Yellow gray pinwheels in progress

It was too big to hold up, so we had to hang it over the fence:

Taking pictures in the snow

3 thoughts on “Yellow and Gray Wedding Quilt

  1. Sam

    I love how it’s a double sided quilt! Two quilts in one!! I really, really like the borders on the big star and you managed to get both sides centered, which is something I haven’t tried yet, but imagine it can be difficult.

  2. Dana

    Hey Sam! It really wasn’t that hard to center it, it was mostly being careful how I laid it out on the floor and repositioning the top a few times. And, it’s not perfectly centered, by any means, but since I figured on a bed the uneven parts would be hanging over the edge it didn’t matter as much.


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