World Map Quilt

So, back in January, I made a goal to finish these four quilts before March 1st – and guess what? I win! I linked up with Quilter in the Gap in solidarity with some other folks who are also taking up the challenge to finish lingering projects.  Ok, so, here are the four:

1. Organic Windmill Quilt, 2. Veggie Star Quilt, 3. Layout Options Scrappy Improv Log Cabin-ish , 4. World Map Quilt

I think I’m most happy with the world map quilt. I got the fabric on a whim out of a clearance bin, and then got it home and really didn’t like the colors. I struggled with what to do with it, and ended up doing a patchwork of flannel, because I figured if it was ugly, it may as well be soft.

However, now that it’s done, I really like it! I was able to find all the flannel from my stash, except a half yard I had to buy to complete the back.  For whatever reason, I never work with flannel, but this was so soft! I traced the latitude and longitude and then added swirly stars along the bottom. You know, for outerspace.

World Map Quilt Mosaic

Here are the other ones from my list – I’m really glad I did this challenge and forced myself to deal with all these quilts. I am happy with how they all turned out and I had been really avoiding them.  Incidentally, all these quilts are from my stash and use up lots of scraps, other goals of mine for this year.

Scrappy Landscapes QuiltVeggie Star Scrap Quilt Bound and Quilted

Organic Windmill Quilt


  • Sam

    Thanks! I found the fabric for the hexagon quilt at Paper Thread Fabrics online store. They had fat quarter packs marked way down when I bought it…maybe it’s still on sale?? Haha, something is in the air with Ohio star quilts! That block is just a lot of fun, I think. As a geographer, your map quilt is one of the greatest quilts ever! I love the quilting.

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