Works in Progress – Wednesday Again!

Yellow quilt, Ornery catCheck out many other Works in Progress at the Freshly Pieced blog! I meant to have my yellow leaves quilt done by today, in fact, by yesterday, but whatever. I spent a good chunk of Saturday watching the last season of Star Trek The Next Generation and making endless loops around this thing.

I ran out of episodes of Star Trek TNG and yellow thread.  I Yellow Leaves Quilt - Closer to done.considered biking to the nearest quilting store – but instead switched to gold thread – and to Arrested Development. I went through at least 5 spools of yellow thread – and yes, that means I had 5 spools of yellow thread in my house. I went to take a picture of my empty spools, but the cat attacked them.

I hemmed and hawed on filling all the empty white space with echo quilting, but I’m glad I did. Initially I thought I would gradually open up the echoes – make them farther and farther apart (and thus doing less work) – but I didn’t like the way that looked and ended up having to go back through everything again.  I worried it would be too stiff, but all the fabric is vintage sheets, so while it has weight to it, it is very soft and the texture is, to me, dreamy.

If I had to do it again, I would probably draw out more where I want the echoes to go – I’m not totally satisfied with the random traveling of the echoes across the quilt.

That is a lie – If I had to do it again, I’d probably do it random again, since I hate planning out quilting. However, If I was giving someone else advice, I’d tell them to plan it out.
Next Quilt?
I want to do another quilt covered similar to this – this time with pink because I have about 15 spools of pink thread to use up.

And I just got a bunch of bags of old fabric from my Eleanor – who is awesome! I washed it in the last few days and here is some of the stuff I’m most psyched about.

Any thoughts on what do do with it?


11 thoughts on “Works in Progress – Wednesday Again!

  1. amy

    WOW, the quilting is amazing!.. I love the kitty on the quilt!! I have been wanting to do a quilt like this just some shapes on plain background… O if I ever find the for the new fabrics you aquired, I will be checking back to see what you do.

  2. dana Post author

    I didn’t free motion quilt it – I used an extra wide foot that came with my machine and made the echoes the width of that foot. There was a lot of wrestling with it at first with all the little turns in the leaves, but on the wider echoes, you can really tear through if you’re using the feed dogs.

    1. dana Post author

      Ha! I have been dying for a use for this pink thread for several years – they were in a box of old sewing supplies from a friend and take up way too much space on my thread rack – makes it harder for me to justify impulse thread purchases when I don’t have a place to put new thread!


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