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Woodlands Baby Quilt

Forest Woodlands Baby Quilt Hand Quilting

I’m going to do a review soon of the Aurifloss thread I am using to hand quilt this little baby quilt, but thought it might deserve a little write up of its own.  Plus I am hoping to finish it by the end of January as part of the Lovely Year of Finishes.

ETA: I finished the quilt! Here are the finished pics. 

For the life of my I can’t remember the name of this fabric, but I love it so much! At some point I’ll track down the selvage and update accordingly, but since woodlands fabric is such a huuuuge trend right now, google can’t help me find the fabric line’s name.

I sewed this quilt together really quickly when I decided I needed a hand sewing project last month. The patchwork is totally random and the other side is a combo of scraps and some chambray cotton that found it’s way into my house after a sale.

Forest Woodlands Baby Quilt Hand Quilting

I am embroidering/quilting it with designs based on the fabric itself. Then I am going to finish all the blocks with chunky primitive stitching outlines. To “baste” the quilt, I did some machine quilting to hold it all in place while I add the hand finished touches.

I didn’t put any batting in it, since I am just planning to use it as a car-seat cover and other lightweight baby uses where batting won’t be needed. The benefit of this for hand quilting is that it fits into a smaller embroidery hoop, which is a lot easier to manage for hand quilting.

It also allows me to do a stem stitch on one side; this shows up as chunky primitive stitching on the other side. I love the stem stitch for embroidery that is going to show up on both sides of the finished products!

For contrast, here is what the stem stitching looks like on the front:
Forest Woodlands Baby Quilt Hand Quilting

Forest Woodlands Baby Quilt Hand Quilting

And here it is on the back:

Forest Woodlands Baby Quilt Hand Quilting

I could make those back stitches more regular through a slightly different stitch method (stab stitching!) but I like the more primitive look.

Forest Woodlands Baby Quilt Hand Quilting

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