Whoa! I Won a Thing!

Yellow Leaves Quilt - Closer to done.I was thrilled to pieces (and maybe a bit confused 😉 to see that my yellow leaves quilt won the Project Modern: Organic quilt contest.  Here are all the contestants and winners.

To the left is the quilt in progress. With my handy quilt testers laying all over it. Look at their commitment to quality. “It would be better with mice,” they say.

Lack of mice aside, I had a great time making this quilt. I keep meaning to post it up on Etsy, but it looks so good on my bed! And I love how dense it feels with all the quilting.

Also, the Modern Quilt Guilds are awesome. I’m excited to be giving a little presentation about dyeing your own fabrics at our Columbus area monthly meeting in a few weeks.


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