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Which would you pick?

I’m starting a new quilt, or, really, about 25% of the way into a new quilt, which may become two quilts, but anyway, which layout is best? I’m pretty into this dense wonky star pattern, but not sure if my fabric are the best pick for it. I think I may make a version of this pattern with more unified colors, so it’s less busy….:

Wonky Star Options

Here it is without the little white veggie patches in the center of each star:

Wonky Star Options

And here it is when you give the stars some breathing room:

Wonky Star Options

Thoughts? This is using the same pile of vintage blue and green fabrics that I have been in love with for a while, and made, umm, this would be the 5th quilt with those fabrics? The others have all been small wall-hangings.

Another option is to make two baby quilts, one of the dense stars and one of the spaced out stars. I have enough squares pieced for two baby quilts or one twin-ish sized quilt.


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