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What to do with Apple Pulp?

Apple pulp leftover from making ciderSo, as previously mentioned, we made five gallons of apple cider out of a bushel and a half of apples yesterday. Which left us with about 3 gallons of apple pulp (and a filthy stove!). The pulp is delicious and I hate to toss it into the compost.

I thought I could cook it down a little, and get a little more juice out of it, and make it into some kind, of, I don’t know, really, what I was thinking. But it’s so dry that it just started to smoke instead of cooking at all.  Oopsy!

So I started looking for apple pulp recipes on-line. I found a lot of amazing carrot pulp recipes, which made me wish I had carrot pulp instead.

However! Reading a bunch of sources I learned this: “Add a quarter cup of fruit pulp to any favorite muffin or fruit bread recipe – or replace the chopped fruit in any recipe with pulp keeping in mind the pulp has less liquid and more fiber so you are going to get a really dense final product.”

And also this website had a bunch of egg filled (Matt doesn’t eat eggs) recipes but also this:

Pulp Ice Cream/Sorbet

Take 3 cups of pulp from any sweet fruit. Peaches, pineapples, pear, apples and berries all work well.

Freeze in an ice cube tray. When frozen, mix in a blender with 4 ripe bananas until it is the consistency of sorbet. Serve immediately.

I think my plan for the pulp is to make a bunch of loaves of apple bread and apple muffins (we have cranberries and walnuts to throw in too, and chocolate chips for some) tonight and freeze them, then freeze a bunch of two cup margarine containers full of pulp, which seems like a good size to use in recipes throughout the winter.

I’m thinking apple pulp waffles, apple carrot soup, etc.


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