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I have just had a whole pile of custom orders roll in – it’s wedding and graduation season! – so I am up to my ears in quilts. And, um, loving it! I made of list of 8 quilts I want to finish/start this month. Ha ha. That won’t happen. BUT, I am going to be more or less a full time quilter in February, so expect lots of boring posts about my deep thoughts on quilting.

For example, I have recently become really into pressing (ironing) the backs of my quilts and the effect that has on the neatness of the front. I’m certain that 80% of the universe could not see the difference but I keep glancing over at my impeccably pressed quilt tops and getting a little surge of joy. Thrilling right!?! Hold onto your hats.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Small Blog Meet

Today I am linking this post up to three blog-world projects – one on Stash-busting and one on tracking your Works in Progress. If you press on them there fancy blog buttons, you can see what other quilters are up to.

I am hoping to finish this quilt soon, which I don’t know how to name – any thoughts? I semi-borrowed the design from a tutorial which I can no longer find. If you can ID it, please let me know! UPDATE: Thanks to Kati for recognizing it- now you can make your own! It’s made using some organic fabrics and vintage – so pretty eco-friendly.  I need to make the back and quilt it.
Almost finished!

There is also a challenge to make quilts from all fabrics you already own – and I have made two of those so far in January – the one above, and the one below. Yay! I am almost out of my bolt of Kona PFD White – which I use both for dyeing fabric and for my basic white.

Organic Windmill Quilt


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