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Wedding Signature Quilts Galore

I recently did some updates to my wedding signature quilt tutorial – I want to do a several part tutorial on the whole deal, as it’s a lot of little fiddly things to toss together – but this will do for now. I have actually been busy sewing lots of wedding signature quilts. Here is a little party of them. Colors!

Wedding Signature Quilts

These monogram quilts are very popular, I have made them in about every color now.
Wedding Signature Quilts

I have always wanted to make a trip around the world – this one was fun! The couples names and wedding dates are embroidered in the middle.

Wedding Signature Quilts

This was a queen size that I mailed to Australia. The shipping costs were…awesome.

Wedding Signature Quilts

I really like the prints in this one – prints do really well with signatures, I think.

Wedding Signature Quilts
Matt was very proud to have correctly identified the colors quilt as “Salmon and Taupe.”

Wedding Signature Quilts

This one isn’t done, but so pretty and fall!

Front porch quiltin


  • Becky Peters

    Hi I just found your great site! I am making a signature quilt for my sons wedding. Have you any tips on numbers? For example : how many pens, blocks, etc per person. Would you use different colours or stick to black? Have you any suggestions for setting up the “table”? I agree some samples would be great. Also thinking of taking a few poetry and books of quotes along to inspire the not so quick like myself! I was also thinking a cute sign to say what the need to do? You sound experienced. Thanks in advance! Becky

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