Wedding Signature Quilt – In Progress!

IMG_9743Matt and I have been married over two months and we still haven’t divorced, so I figured it was safe to assemble our Wedding Guestbook Quilt.

We had our guests sign pieces of fabric instead of a standard guestbook. I quilted them up using the “It’s a Hoot” jelly roll by Moda for my first, and possibly last time.

Nothing against the “It’s a Hoot!” fabric line (though, like Of Mice and Men and the inexplicable lack of mice, this fabric has no images of owls), the fabric was gorgeous and high quality, but the jelly roll is a bummer. A jelly roll is a pre-cut bundle of fabric. It is a great way to get a wide variety of fun colors, but you are getting them in 2.5 inch strips, so it really limits what you can do with them. AND because it’s pre-cut, you can’t pre-wash your fabric, which is kind of sacrilegious to me. I always pre-wash….I don’t know what happens when you don’t pre-wash your fabrics, but I’m pretty sure it involves a midnight quilt police raid and lots of pins.

I used my new recycled soda bottle quilt batting – can you tell in the photo that is a nice pale green? I don’t think it’s showing through the white in the quilt. It’s a new product and I’m interested to see how well it quilts and drapes and washes. I will let you know, eager readers!

As you can see, I basted it on my front porch, under the strict supervision of the white male corporate fat cat that is always oppressing me (top left corner).

See other quilts in progress here! 

7 thoughts on “Wedding Signature Quilt – In Progress!

    1. dana Post author

      Thanks! I got the idea off the internet, of course, but there are very few completed ones out there to use for inspiration.

    1. dana Post author

      Hi Marilee! I used masking tape to mark out 4 inch squares on some yardage that I had ironed to some freezer paper. The masking tape was one inch wide so it gave me seams that I could work with, and kept the guests from writing in the seams. So, I peeled off the tape and then cut my signature squares down to 4.5 inch squares and pieced it up.

      If that sounds confusing, I am planning on writing up a tutorial and can let you know when I do.

  1. Kate

    What a great idea! It’s such a cool way to incorporate something you love into your wedding, and have memories on such a cuddly place!

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