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Well, golly y’all, I’m pleased as punch that my Rainbow Derecho quilt was nominated in the “Bed Quilt” category in the Bloggers Quilt Festival I highly recommend going over there – the quilts in all the categories are really just absolutely lovely and I am so impressed with Amy’s Creative Side for the work it must be to curate that show.

And while I wouldn’t mind if folks vote for my quilt, I really am just enjoying this neat on-line event that showcases so much fabricy talent.

In fact, I am loving it so much that I was trying to get the Quilt Festival website to load up on my phone while I was at the Jay Z/Bruce Springsteen, and you know, that president guy, Barack Obama rally today waiting in between acts. If you have never been to a political rally with 18,000 people and with artists and politicians you adore, I highly recommend it.  Sadly, sharing the cell network with 18,000 of my friends made it nearly impossible for me to look at quilts mobile so I had to wait until I got home this evening to experience the excitement of more voting!

While I was looking at quilts, Matt kept busy trying to pull up Nate Silver’s polling website during the rally. He is basically this cartoon right now.

When not recycling the endless piles of election materials showing up in our mailbox I’ve been working away at this quilt, another fall quilt, which I showed some options for pattern layout earlier.  I took a quick shot of it this morning, more to come when it’s finished. Fall Trellis Wedding Quilt

It’s a very traditional block and traditional for lots of signature quilts, which this will be used for. I think it will look great covered in well wishes and happy hopes for a new couple!

I’m linking up with other quilty projects Sew Modern Monday over at Canoe Ridge Creatins. She has some lovely quilt as you go projects – I just did my first project like this recently and agree it is genius.

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  • Jane B

    I am quite jealous of your being at that rally . . . wish I was there. Love this quilt and your entry in the Bloggers Quiltfest. Since I’m in a voting mood anyway, I’ll head over there. I am going to do a post on the 15 Minute Play blog with a quilt you may like tomorrow. 😀

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