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Uh-Oh, OSU Quilts

At our last Columbus Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we swapped fabric and made each other wrist pincushions.
Columbus Modern Quilt Guild Wrist Pincushion Swap!
Look how cute! My partner gave me red and black fabric, which I thought was very fun and dramatic, but it was pointed out to me that they are OSU colors. And then, I accidentally made a pair of scarlet and gray quilts.

I say “accidentally” because I meant to make the quilt on the left as a backing for the quilt on the right. But I ended up liking the left quilt better, so I made two more backs. I really like those a lot too, but decided not to let this turn into four quilts.


And, I swear I liked scarlet and gray before I moved to Columbus.

Regardless, these quilts feature some fun Reunion fabric and lots and lots of gray scraps. Almost all of them, actually, the last slivers are in the binding.

Which I still need to put onto one of the quilts…

And then I will list them in my Etsy shop
I used Auriful wool thread to add some detail to the quilting and to attach the binding. I really like how it pops! I am tearing through my free sample of this thread and thinking I might need to pick some up…It runs through the machine great, though I only used it in the top thread…have you seen the amazing deals on Aurifil on this website?

I also put a patch and shipped out this red and white quilt this week for a high school graduation. How sweet is that? I’m quite a good speller normally, but spelling into the embroidery machine terrifies me and I lose all perspective on letters. Hopefully this actually says something and isn’t just gibberish…

And now I am linking up to other quilters on Freshly Pieced! 


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