Tudor’s Biscuit World

If you use a liberal definition for the word  “acquaintance,” an acquaintance of mine works for Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, which is Matt and I’s FAVORITE radio show. It is what we do on Sunday mornings.

Another favorite thing of Matt and I’s is Tudor’s Biscuit World, which is, yes, a restaurant chain that mostly sells biscuits.  Which are “totally” “vegan/vegetarian,” don’t ever tell me otherwise.

The first time I ever wandered into a Tudors – the summer of 2005 – I looked up at the menu and saw my two favorite words right next to each other, “Potato Biscuit.” It was love.

Favorite things collided when I was tipped off to said acquaintance’s fabulous post about Tudor’s on the Wait Wait blog. I totally know what he means by the just-applied-lip-balm feeling you get after eating a Tudor’s biscuit.

A word to the wise though – more than 3 biscuits in one sitting is usually a  mistake.

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