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To Dye For

My first attempt at fabric dyingBack in December I got a whole bolt (20 yards!) of Kona Prepared for Dying Cotton and a couple packs of fabric dye on super duper clearance plus an extra coupon from Jo-Ann Fabric on-line.  The boyfriend got the postal note on the door and biked over to the post office. The box was enormous, but he balanced it on the handle bars and pedaled home.

Imagine his dismay when he beleagueredly showedThe green on the right is not that gray in real lifeme the package and I said, “I want to die!” but I swear I meant, “I want to dye!”

So anyway, puns. The impulse bolt has sat under my desk for several months, and the cats have really enjoyed sharpening their claws on it.  I decided it should go to a higher use, and so I spent Saturday and Sunday playing with low water immersion fabric dying.  With mixed results. And then I mixed some of the results.

I used Dylon fabric dye, which I got four packs of on a whim because it was on the aforementioned sale. In Navy, Goldfish, Forest, and Tropical. I was disappointed in the two greens, the Forest is pretty in the darkest shades, but turned a bit gray in the lighter shades, and the Tropical green is so light, even in the strongest mix. But maybe I used them wrong, who knows. I found I used the leftover navy dye to spruce up 4 pairs of jeansgreat info on Dylon dye here and elsewhere that I didn’t save, sorry!

My main take away was that it dyed way, way more than the 1/4 lb of fabric that it said on the package. I dyed probably 10 lbs of fabric, and then I had so much of the navy blue leftover I dropped 4 pairs of jeans into it. Granted they didn’t pick up a huge amount of color, but they spruced them up and two of them really look like brand new pants. The pants on the left may not look super dark to you, but they were basically white. I am very excited about my “new jeans.”

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