Through My Ribs

At the end of long days, we are worn out,

we have sore backs and unfinished lists.

We sit at tables, you cook warm dry rice,

I feel a dull ache starting in my gut.

We lay on dust filled mattresses and dream of flying.

My heart beats so hard,

my heart bursts through my ribs.

It soars through a long blue sky.

Like a flower fast and wild with wings

my heart bursts through my ribs.


I was looking for something else and found these old song lyrics I wrote in 2004. I wrote a lot of songs that winter and most of them seem to be about wishing it was spring, give or take.  I think this one probably goes under that category, though the sky is blue instead of gray… This song was actually set to an epic metal anthem, believe it or not. It’s funny how a few sparse words on a page have more importance than words accompanied by soaring guitars and thundering drums.

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