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Things That I Will Make Happen!

Time for some goal setting. Basically a list of all the projects that I have on the burner for this quarter of quilting. I am joining up with this Finish A-Long. And while I’m at it, Freshly Pieced. This process reminds me of when I used to work for Americorps and had to put together quarterly reports on all our regional projects, except way less typing, nagging, and/or weeping over broken printers at 2 am is involved.

First, I need to finish this into something for my soon-to-be world’s cutest niece: A Walk In the Woods Cathedral Window Block

Matt’s sister is also expecting, but he wants to make quilt one “himself” (which actually he did make most of the quilt for his sister’s first amazing little champion, though he wasn’t in grad school then…).

I want to finish this thing:

Options for Triangle HST Reunion by Moda Quilt

And this thing:

Sew Happy Geek Quilt Along - Top is finished

These fabrics are fresh-dyed blue and gray, and I would like to at least get them ironed, maybe quilted…. Fresh Dyed Blues and Grays








I bought this fabric in December to make my friend Jenny a Christmas present. Dammit. Fabric for a Laptop Bag...

And promised to make this into a fundraiser quilt for awesome social justice group SOCM in JanuaryFundraiser quilt for SOCM.

Aaaaaand, this signature quilt is for a high school graduation in May…so, it will probably need finished before May… Signature Quilt


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