There’s More Than One Way to Quilt a Goose.

A few weekends ago, I got so stir crazy that Matt and I went hiking in the 15 degree weather. As we plodded through the snow along the Olentangy River, I thought I saw a goose on the water. “It’s not a goose,” says Matt, “Cause it’s not moving, unless it’s frozen.” “No,” I said seriously, “I don’t think it’s cold enough to freeze a goose.” Henceforth, “Cold Enough to Freeze a Goose” is how you describe weather under 15 degrees.

More than one way to quilt a goose.So, geese. I like them. They are kind of a plague sometimes, but since my job isn’t to keep the sidewalks around park ponds clean, I just enjoy their presence. And, they are the subject of a very inspiring quote from the recently departed Judy Bonds. There is a quilt block called “Flying Geese” so I made 36 flying geese blocks. Actually, I meant to make 40, but I can’t find 4, so we’ll roll with 36.

I couldn’t decide how to piece them together, so I tried out different things. Because my cat Fancy’s super-hero ability is to be annoying and cute at the same time, she decided to help by jumping on them a lot. I have a lot of pictures of my cats on this blog – it is not because I am obsessed with my cats (though I like them) but because my cats are obsessed with quilts. I can NOT lay out a quilt for a photo without one of them jumping up on the fabric.

Ahem, here are the options, another option not shown is to put stripping between the vertical rows of geese (I think that is the more traditional way), but I don’t want to do that:

More than one way to quilt a goose.More than one way to quilt a goose.More than one way to quilt a goose.

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