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The Revolution Will Have Meetings

We got back from our honeymoon last week and after a day or two of sleeping and cat-spoiling, I was off again for a week-ish Greenpeace training. That is now done and I’m home for the first time in basically a month and all of a sudden it’s fall – the leaves are yellow and the high is in the sixties. Take that, summer!

So, trainings. I like facilitating and just to throw in a quick commercial, if you want trained on something feel free to pay me to try and explain it to you, or walk you through a process wherein your group explains it to each other.

I like Greenpeace and I like it when people chase down illegal whaling ships and hang banners from Mt. Rushmore and call out evil events by flying over them in a hot air balloon.  However, as I have learned over and over again, “activism” has a pretty disappointing amount of dangling from the Golden Gate Bridge, bike-locking one’s neck to bulldozers and/or talking to Emmy Lou Harris about coal. It has a remarkable surplus of emailing, spreadsheets and conference calls. And no, I have never been on a conference call with Emmy Lou Harris.

I always find myself doing self-reflection when the seasons change, and as we hurtle into fall it amuses me to look out over the last years of my life when I have been doing very “exciting” things and see that the niche and skill set I have created for myself is by learning about and trying to get good at all of the MOST BORING PARTS of the most exciting things in the world.

So I was excited to corrupt another round of new activists with a few of my radical theories, including:

1. A well facilitated meeting or conference call is some of the most radical and revolutionary stuff you can ever be a part of.

2. Everyone (really, everyone) should attend a 2-3 hour workshop on how to take notes at meetings that I or one of my avid followers facilitate.

3. Creating budgets and sticking to them is really empowering.

4. The subversive beauty of all the things you can do with cardboard. I don’t have enough space on the entire internet to talk about how I feel about it.

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  • eleanor

    Excellent radical theories, Danar! I think you should have a gallery of all of the amazing subversive signs/sculptures you’ve made with cardboard (the dragline pinata was one of my all time favorites…but there are so many!) Speaking of meetings- I often think about our Americorps/Vista training and how much I liked our introductory exercise- where we had to fill out the sheet with 15 or so facts about ourselves, tape them to our backs and then silently read everyone’s sheet. I remember she said it was for the shy people- which I loved.

    I think you could/should write a book about being an effective activist- you are the master, lady!

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