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The Last Jar of Pickles

The last jar of pickles. Because food is one of our favorite hobbies, Matt and I do a good bit of canning.

Last year we canned many, many gallons of tomato sauce, pickles, sweet yellow squash pickles,  peach and blackberry preserves, and froze a few gallons of peaches and shredded squash (for making zucchini bread, pasta, etc).

We get veggies we don’t grow from the farmers market – if you go around near the end of the day and ask if they have an old box of bruised up stuff, they’ll give it to you for free or close to it.

The boyfriend still grumbles occasionally about the time I showed up with several gallons of peaches on the verge of rotten on a 100+ degree Fahrenheit day. I think we got the kitchen up to 100 degrees Celsius while we were cooking those down. But, he eats the preserves we made every day in his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so hopefully the suffering was worth. And as I pointed out, some people pay good money to sit in a room that hot and humid.

I used up the last ziplock bag of frozen peaches in a peach cobbler this week, and we are on, *tear* the very last jar of pickles (besides the habanero pickles, which I am not interested in). We have made chili, various Indian dishes and endless Italian ones with our endless jars of home made tomato sauce, but we’re getting mighty low on that too.

So, time to go work in the garden! Today is actually flower planting day.

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  • Michelle

    That’s awful! I think I might have one or two jars of Grandma’s sweet pickles left in the darkest corner of the pantry, which I won’t open just because they’re the last jars.

    I really need to get that recipie from her and start making some myself.

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