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The Invitation Saga – The Final Countdown


I think I’m going to make a tutorial for our wedding invites, because they are pop-up! Also because I want to get more out of this dumb endless craft project than a bunch of wedding guests. Haha. The thing is, our lovely people would have come if we’d sent them a post-it note in the mail, but there you are. Love doesn’t make sense.

As a side note, there are many nice things about Columbus but the post office system isn’t one of them. In Charleston, they have one of those post office robot machines that I could bike to all hours of the night. In Columbus it is always a 20 minute minimum wait of death.  Eh. So I am blogging from my phone.

Anyway, we screen printed the wedding invites. We both know how to screen-print, fine, easy, no big deal, but somehow messed the screens up 100 million times in a What a champ!row and got green-blue paint on every surface of the house INCLUDING THE WHITE CAT which when I tried to wipe it off turned into a BLUE MOHAWK.

Thinking about it, the black cat may also be covered in blue-green paint, but we’ll never know.

So, that was awesome. The other awesome part is that we get to get married! In like, 6 weeks!

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