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The Crafty Gods Have Smiled On Me

I got some weird news right before my pottery class in downtown Columbus and then totally forgot to put change in the meter. My brain is fragile. Three hours later, I remembered, and ran out there, and guess what? No $25 ticket! Victory!

Side note: I want to say that it is my opinion that whoever is in charge of the universe probably doesn’t care about my $25 parking tickets, craft related or otherwise. And if he does, I would like to politely ask him to concentrate on fixing global warming or stop a few wars or something.

PS: soon I’ll have some pictures of my ugly pots to share. I am excited about the concept of pottery but my execution is, um, ugly. Whatever. I spent many hours on one ugly pot and today thought I’d try making a quick and sloppy ugly pot and see which I like better. I have a few small ugly pots too. I put the first ones in the line to go in the kiln today.

Even though I am terrible at pottery, I am thinking about continuing the classes when my 8 weeks are up. Slamming the clay around is very¬†therapeutic, and like any craft class, there is always someone whose stuff looks even weirder than mine, so that is comforting. Am I a horrible person for saying that? Maybe. But I am pretty sure that person is looking at my globs of clay and saying, “Well, at least my stuff is better than hers!”

PPS: Yes, I am a horrible person! But there are worse people than me, so, phew!

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