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Taking My Quilts for a Walk

Equilateral NeutralI took a few quilts on a walk yesterday. With mixed results. Lessons learned: I think next time I need to bring some clothespins and a team mate to hold the quilt up, and maybe bike instead of walk so I can reach more interesting places…but I had fun draping and managed not to get them dirty!

I love the equilateral triangles quilts, but for this one for some reason I wanted it to have more spacing and order. So it does!Equilateral Neutral

Equilateral Neutral

Equilateral NeutralI live near a trail with a bunch of little parks on it. It’s very pretty, but nothing too dramatic. Very midwestern.Equilateral Neutral
And I made a bunch of dresdens last summer for a project that never happened. I have been sneaking them into things here and there and here they are in this dresden border, which I was happy about.

Sunny Dresden Border

Nice light! Sunny Dresden Border

And here’s the back:
Sunny Dresden Border

And the front! I copied the flowery pattern on the orange fabric on the back in the quilting in the center panel. I like the effect!

Sunny Dresden Border

I’m linking up to Fabric Tuesday, which I always mean to do but usually don’t write blogs on Tuesdays…



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