Steampunk Octopus Quilts Finished

Steampunk Octopus Quilt Key VersionI am also working on a pattern to go along with these bad boys. I hope to have it done by early next week. It’s my first foray into steampunky design. Really, I wanted an excuse to use some glow in the dark thread, to sew an octopus, and to use some satins and other non-traditional fabric in a quilty type format. So, ok, throw them all together with some gears, keys, and hot air balloons!

I really enjoyed the mix of embroidering with my sewing machine and the applique. Thread painting?

Steampunk Octopus Quilt Hot Air Balloon Version


They look about 10 times more awesome than awesome when they are GLOWING in the DARK but I haven’t yet accomplished taking a picture of that.

If you aren’t afraid to have these fierce octopi glowing in your house at night, the hot air balloon one is for sale here and the key one is for sale here.

There is a Steampunk art show in Columbus in November that I am toying with submitting these or something else similar to. You have to pay $15 to submit to it, but maybe it would be fun to try.

Not to be the meanest person alive (ok, I am!), but there was a quilt exhibit I saw once full of unbelievably poorly made and uncreative quilts. Sorry! It’s true! It inspired me to maybe submit some of my mediocre work to a show sometime, but eh, I never have.


Steampunk Octopus Quilt Key Version

Steampunk Octopus Quilt Hot Air Balloon Version

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  • Verna

    I’m in love with your steampunk quilt. I realize its been sold but I’m wondering if maybe you Created a pattern for others to create. I would love this for my baby room. My husbands grandmother would like to make us a quilt and I came across yours when searching hot air balloons and steam punk quilts. Thank you for your time and the lovely inspiration.

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