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Square Tote Bag Free Tutorial

I love making reusable shopping bags and totes and decided to whip up a little pattern for one of my favorite bags that I have – here is the tutorial at this link. I did a pdf because I find it so much more convenient for me to make documents than blogposts -sorry for any inconvenience to you!

Essentially this bag is just a half yard of fabric folded in half.  You can also use two fat quarters sewn together. The fabric here is an upholstery weight cotton from ikea – but quilting weight is great too!

Instead of just sewing up one side and along the bottom like a basic tote, you sew on all four sides and square the bottom. It’s just a tad sturdier with very little extra bulk.  Let me know if I have unwittingly copied someone here – this is just how I’ve made a lot of my shopping bags for years.

Hopefully my instructions aren’t tooooo horribly confusing.

Tote BagTote Bag

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