Silver and Gold

Just got back from Illinois, lock the front door oh boy! I’d love to sit down on the porch and take a rest, but it’s cold as cold out there, so I’m huddled in the blankets. I’m home alone from round 1 of the holidays, with a fire kindled by cheez-its and coffee in the middle of my chest, and cats leaping around like a Salvador Dali photograph.

I left for the holidays early, which means all the thoughtful, lovely gifts that the thoughtful, lovely people in my life mailed to me over the holidays arrived in Columbus while I was gone, and I just got to have my own mini-Christmas, all over again!

Through a mixture of a few hard times, but mostly coincidence and my own fault, I’ve never been one to get many presents, and many years I have only received one or fewer presents at Christmastime, and usually ones that I wrapped myself.

Yes, really! I am basically the elderly folks I used to interview when I was doing oral histories, who got a can of peaches every third year for Christmas and birthday combined, and were over the moon with their luck.  So, I want to say that I’ve earned my stripes when I brag that I have been constantly showered, this holiday season, with awesome gifts from awesome people! I’m in the double digits here! It’s kind of overwhelming.

But I want to take a minute to share a few gifts I got from complete strangers – first, the Silver and Gold Chemstry-riffic ornaments above, which I won in a blog giveaway from Ruby Marilyn.

Second, the awesome stitching blog Feeling Stitchy featured one of my creepy Gingerbread Zombie Massacre ornaments in their Holiday Stitching Countdown, yay!

And third and fourthly and fifthly, I continue to love all the wonderful people on Etsy, and the lovely and sometimes hilarious things they make, and also when they put my stuff in Etsy  treasuries and fun blogs.

Tomorrow I am going to try hop on  a plane headed into the middle of a blizzard in Boston; we’ll see how that goes. I am going to try not to cry like the most privileged first world baby in the world when my scheduled 3 hours of flying turns into long waits at multiple airports, since I will be FLYING in a PLANE in the AIR and that is COOL and I will APPRECIATE that I am not leaning over the steering wheel worrying during a 20 hour blizzardy nightmare drive, but instead stitching comfortably and listening to audiobooks while pilots worry their way through said blizzards.

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