DIY Sewing Extension Table

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Quick and dirty diy #sewing extension table. 15x29 inches using old scraps. If I like it maybe I'll make a fancier one.

In more interesting (to me) news, I made a quick and dirty sewing machine table on Saturday. I’d been meaning to make one since the summer to expand my quilting and piecing area and increase the ergonomicness of my sewing area.  I had this laminate door thing leftover from re-making a cabinet. I did some internet searching around before settling on my “design.” There are some great videos about the ergonomics of sewing – most people – like me!- have their sewing machine too high and it increases shoulder stress.  One thing at a time.

The board was 15×30 inches. I wish it was a tad larger, but convenience won. I cut a 3×8 inch hole in the wood, 6 inches from the front. I saw a couple commercially made ones that said the sewing needle was 6-7 inches from the front. I tend to like to sew close to my machine, so hopefully I like this distance.

If I like it, I’ll get some laminate stripping to finish the raw edges around the machine, but for now I put on painter’s tape.  You can also get teflon sheeting to lay on your sewing surface to reduce drag!

And then we cut and screwed on 3 inch legs. At first they were too tall, and then they were too short. I taped a penny to the bottom of each leg and it was just the right height. So I guess you could say the whole thing cost 4 cents.

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