Selvage Giveaway

Selvage Giveaway!
So, selvages aren’t much to some people, but to the right person, they are worth their weight in gold. I saved my selvages for years thinking I would start getting excited about selvages. After all, I love scrap quilting! But I am having to get real about the 10,000 projects waiting in the wings. I have more fabric than I think I can use in my lifetime, and umm, I’m in my thirties.

So, I’ve been destashing like crazy, and decided to give away my selvages as a thank you to all the awesome folks on instagram who make destashing possible and profitable. It’s so much easier sending off a beloved piece of fabric to a “good home.” And making a little money in the process, even if i don’t always get my costs back, it’s better than the pretty fabric moldering on the shelf? I don’t know. But it’s getting easier to find what I want when I do get time to sew with a new (and apparently teething, yikes!) baby, so I’m seeing some success for my efforts.

Anyway, if you are a selvage person (you know who you are!) Head on over to @DanaWaterPenny on instagram.

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