Second Annual Grumble Run

On Saturday, February 12, 2011, Charleston, WV will host a very exciting event.  Supposedly if people blog about this, it can become a Wikipedia entry. Here is the sample text that might compose the forthcoming wikipedia entry about this forthcoming event (Thanks to Danny Chiotos!) For the record, at least one member of the 2010 Grumble Run was carried – a little puppy. Somehow I ended up in charge of the puppy carrying. It was epic:

The Grumble Run is an annual event hosted in Charleston, West Virginia on Valentine’s Day Weekend. It was founded in 2010 when Charleston native, Stephanie Tyree, challenged Charleston residents to organize a 5k “run.” This run resulted in more than twenty people coming together for a one of its kind “run.” The Grumble Run takes the existing idea of running 5,000 meters and transforms it into a fun-themed event of going 5k through whatever means is available without wheels. 2010 saw runners walk – and some jog – the full 5k with many breaks for smoking, conversation, and gummy worms.
This event is paired with an annual Anti-Valentines Day Party that happens during the evening after the “Run”. The 2011 Run is happening in Charleston, WV and will take participants from the East End of Charleston to Downtown and back to the East End. This run is happening on February 12, 2011 and has set the goal of at least 25 “runners” participating.

Addendum: Stephanie Tyree made all of the runners those patch things that runners wear in real 5k runs using glitter paint.

PSS: It was snowing at last years grumble run.


  • stephanie

    In one of the pictures you can see that the runners are eating cookies and gummy strawberries to recharge – during the run. First, after running about 800 yards, we stopped at Capitol Market to buy cookies. Then we ate them while running. And walking. And lolling around in front of the UMWA building. One runner also passed out gingersnaps to Charlestonians as we passed them by. Sorta like a parade.

    And the runners tags were made with glitter Puffy paint. Everyone got to choose their own numbers. Mathnerds had the coolest numbers, obviously.

  • Cate the Great

    Dear Grumble Run,

    I just want you to know that I applied for a job in Charleston, solely because I felt it was an okay place to move too because there were people in it that did this fantastic run.

    See my friend and I did a real 5k in December and not so much fun. We did enjoy our matching outfits however.

    So.. now that I actually got the job and am going to be moving to Charleston, please be my friend.


    • Cate the great

      Just an updated: a hundred years later.. I totally moved to Charleston and still live there! And completely forgot about the grumble run and missed it!!! SO SAD! Please have a 4th annual run.

  • stephanie again

    wait, is that a joke? did Cate the Great really move to Charleston b/c of the Grumble Run? Because if she did, I might just move BACK to Charleston because Cate the Great moved to Charleston b/c we do awesome things there like invent un-racey races.

    p.s. the 3RD ANNUAL GRUMBLE RUN is happening this February 11th.

    p.p.s. my favorite all-time memory from any Grumble Run is Matt Noerpel, upon seeing that the racetags said ‘1st Annual WV Winter Grumble Run’, grumbled “Does this mean we have to do this EVERY year?”

  • dana

    I think she might have thinking we were all in our lesser cousin city, Charleston, SC. You know, from the snow and the sweaters in the picture. Either that or it was a joke, or she realized she was crazy for being interested in this event.

  • Chris

    Hi! I found out about this from Wikipedia, and I have to say it sounds GREAT! My friend and I have been looking for an anti-Valentine’s Day party, and the Grumble Run sounds like a great way to lead up to one. How can I get more information on it?

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