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Scrappy Trip Along Works in Progress

So, I generally pride myself that I am pretty good at not starting a million projects at once, instead focusing on a few at a time. This is mainly because I don’t have room to store a million projects and because a lot of stuff I do is for a client or has a deadline associated with it.

Brown Chevrons

I have even started trying to use up my scraps from a project immediately after a project. For example, I had some half square triangle leftover (I saved those dog ears that I cut off to make these shooting star blocks) to make this chevron (zig zag, etc) quilt section. However, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use it as part of a larger quilt (say set into a twin sized field of white) or finish it up as a baby quilt.

So it’s been hanging on the wall for a while. I also started two Scrappy Trips Around the World Quilts. I have a pretty epic selection of old scraps that my dad got for me at a country auction once. I have been thinking for months that I need to use them up and so I started this one – pretty scrappy.
Ugly Fabric Close Up!

Many of the folks doing these quilts (and there are a lot of them) are using scraps they have fond memories of. All these are scraps someone else had fond memories of before they sold them at an auction to my dad for $5.
Scrappy Trip Along

Halfway through this one, I got the idea to do a subtle rainbow version, so I started a second. These blocks are really fast and they are especially fast if you are doing them in serious bulk.
Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along
I used a fancy shiny high thread count sheet (from a thrift store) for the backing of this one. It’s a little (ok a lot) puckery, but I’m happy with it.
Rainbow Scrappy Trip AlongRainbow Scrappy Trip Along

The quilting pattern is from Nan Moore. Not sure how well you can see it, but it has a lot of flowers, feathers and loops.

However, last night when I sat down to finish the quilting, the next thing I knew I had started this Eric Carle Quilt. I love Eric Carle and wonky stars. IMG_6613

So, in short (ha) I have a lot of works in progress this week. I’m linking up to other folks who just might understand…


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