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Rearranging Triangles

I love that stage in working with Half-Square Triangles (HST’s in quilt language) where you can totally change your design and make all kinds of crazy patterns.

Like diamonds!

Options for Triangle HST Reunion by Moda Quilt

Or some kind of flying geese/chevron hybrid!
Options for Triangle HST Reunion by Moda Quilt

Or maybe a more centered diamond. Yesss….
Options for Triangle HST Reunion by Moda Quilt

I wanted these to look like stained glass, or more quiltily – like when you hold an unfinished quilt top up to the light and you can see all the seams. I love the way that looks, and am trying to replicate it.

The problem with these lovely triangles is that it makes me want to make ALL THE QUILTS! Too many options can be a bit crippling?

My fabric is Moda Reunion line – which is very trendy, let me tell you! With good reason, because it is so nice. Lots of grays and mustards and chartreuses and bricks, which are the best colors as of the last year or so, don’t you agree?

I’m linking up to other people creations at Sew Modern Monday and Sew Happy Geek. I’d love if I can get this top finished by next week – not quilted or anything!  So I am pledging it via One Thing One Week. 


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