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Raw Edge Applique Testing Testing

I am interested in quilts as usable, washable, durable art. I love the idea of making beautiful things that can be tossed in a washing machine, and the way that use and abuse changes the look and feel of the quilt over time.

The problem is, how to predict how use and abuse are going to be affecting your quilt?

Raw Edge Applique Fray Test - Before Washing and Drying.

I love the look and convenience of raw-edge applique but I don’t like it to be THAT raw of an edge. So, I am conducting an experiment where I test out different fusible webbings, fray check and different edge sewing techniques to see which wears best. I throw this in the wash with every load. I’ll update it in a month or so.

The other side is different fabric marker brands and colors.

Signature Fabric Marker Test


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