Rainbow Quilt Instagrammed

In major life news (not really) I got a fancy schmancy new phone and am on Instagram now. Feel free to follow me so I can follow you. You should also follow my lovely friend Eleanor and her incredible nature photography featuring Monticello. She was my main inspiration for joining Instagram. I want to embed this photo of hers but can’t figure out how.

There was a very appropriate joke from Tracey @ The Peony Teacup on my giveaway of some Aurifil thread for the Sew Mama Sew:

How much does a hipster weigh?

An instagram!

The giveaway closes December 7th so please feel free to leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win. I’ll chose a winner at random and NOT based on my favorite joke so sorry Tracey no special chances…

Sooo, speaking of instagram, I’m trying to use my new camera to take more pictures of my quilts in progress.

My assistants. Plus a new rainbow quilt.

Though it’s kind of dark in my house.

Color explosions! Diamond signature quilt.

Which means the photos are kind of blurry. This quilt is inspired by this awesome mini quilt by Larissa at Lari Smiles.

Rainbow Wedding Quilt

I was kind of hoping that more technology would magically make my photos way better, but I think they’re just blurrier. Oh well. Now to attach some binding to this double sided rainbow extravaganza!

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  • Angela Welch

    I noticed you have a Pfaff and I’ve been looking at getting one. Are you happy with it? The ones I’ve tried have drop-in bobbins, with plastic bobbin cases, and I just don’t know if they’d be sturdy. Thanks! I love your Rainbow quilt. Looks great!

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