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Quilts to Finish!

1. Organic Windmill Quilt, 2. Veggie Star Quilt, 3. Layout Options Scrappy Improv Log Cabin-ish , 4. World Map Quilt

To the best of my knowledge, these are my four quilt tops that are currently in progress. They’re all in different stages, the Windmill needs pieced, the Veggie Star quilt needs a some backing fabric that I don’t hate, then basted and quilted, the Scrappy Improv quilt needs divine inspiration re: an interesting layout, then pieced, then basted, then quilted, and the World Map Quilt needs a lobotomy, better colors, then pieced, then basted then quilted.

2012 Finish-A-Long

But, I should surely have time to whip them all into shape before March 1st, and for extra incentive, I am making a public pledge to do so via this neat challenge to finish 3 projects in the first quarter of 2012 hosted by Quilter in the Gap. Click over to see all the other neat projects people are working on!


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