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Quilts on My Mind

I just got back from a hot week of facilitating strategy meetings in Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia. It is such a pretty park! It was in the 50’s and 60’s all week and in between sessions I lazed on the deck in a t-shirt, smelled the spring air and gazed at the mountains – a bee even landed in my coffee.  I kept subconsciously thinking I needed to be getting on my gardening, then remembering that it was JANUARY. The weather is crazy.

I have really been missing my sewing machine, to the point that on the drive home yesterday under a brilliant blue sky, I passed under a white bridge that had “Eat the rich” spray painted in gray and thought, “Oh, that gray/white/blue combo would make a great quilt!”

To that end, I have some new fabric combos I am working on – these are by request – a gray and yellow quilt for a wedding and a purple and gold quilt for a high school graduation.

Purple quilt - stage 1

Yellow and gray quilt - stage 1


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