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This month I have been trying to focus on fun creative projects and less on my custom Etsy order, which were getting stressful. ON the one hand, it’s such an honor to work with someone to make their dream wedding quilt, on the other hand, sometimes I wish I’d picked a smaller, simpler project to build a business on 🙂 The gals at the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild have seen this fun one finished, and the cats have thoroughly tested it out, but it hasn’t made it to it’s new home yet, so here is just a little peak:

The number of cats on this fish quilt keeps increasing...

I have also taken up running, which while I lead a pretty active lifestyle, is a step up from my normal workout routine, and got SOO TIRED as soon as I taped this quilt to the kitchen floor last night. At first I tried to bargain – how often do we really use the kitchen, maybe I can leave this here forever?? After a great deal of laying and a reasonable amount trying to invent a magic machine that pins your quilts while you lay there, I got ‘er pinned.

I didn't think I was tired or sore till I started pinning this quilt. #etsylifestyle

I’ve been making these funny cassette tape quilts for a few years – I think I’m going to make a pattern – my first quilt pattern! I never use patterns (too stubborn), so I’m really nervous it will be horrible, so I am going to offer it for free. I do like the idea of offering more quilting patterns and maybe selling some as I get more confident.

#cassette tape pattern hopefully soon. ..

So, I’m linking up with Thursday Threads, since, you know, it’s Thursday, and I love seeing what other quilters are making. Oh and I saw on my cool friend Sam’s blog  about this other link-up over at Needle and Thread Thursday.  It’s a party.


  • Sue

    Offering custom work on Etsy can certainly put stress into high gear. It’s one reason I haven’t put out my custom longarm quilting on my ETSY Shop yet. Good luck with your pattern idea….it sounds like it will fit right in with the ‘Modern Quilt’ graze so popular these days.

    I am visiting from Thursday Threads and would love to have you stop by and see my 1930’s Fabrics and Quilts. Just click on the signature link below…hope to see you there.  Your comments are ‘Sew’ Welcomed!
    Sue CollectInTexas Gal

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