Quilting against slavery

I’m visitng DC for a conference and always try and hit a few museums…at the American History Smithsonian they have a few snippets of how quilts were used to spread anti-slavery sentiments. I love it, and it makes me want to think on more ways to intregrate my sewing and activism…



Like this crossstitched pun – for an anti slavery craft fundraiser…and this amazing quote.  I am loving these radical history of crafts, something fun to explore for the modern craft movement…


And this hard hitting poem about remembering that women are have their babies stolen from them as you cuddle your own. Heavy stuff.


  • Katie Willingham

    I have yet to go to the American History museum, though I’ve been to a few of the other ones. Just wanted to say hi and your blog is lovely! I’m a friend of Becky Weamer and sometimes she says I remind her of you. 🙂 If you’re in the area again, we should all get together!

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