Purple Crop Circles

Purple Crop Circles

And here just under the wire, I decided to spend the evening finishing up this long-standing work in progress and tuck it into The Festival of Strings. It’s another scrap quilt from the flurry of purple and gray wedding quilts I did last fall. I’d like to thank Project Runway and Call the Midwife, the two television shows that helped make this happen.
Purple Crop Circles
I pieced these squares together months ago, and apparently I threw in some scrap velvet which was a sweet surprise! I am loving different types of fabric. I think I am going to have to make a string quilt with satins, velvets, courdouroy and some cotton. Maybe a fabric foundation could help stabilize all the crazy?  I have a bunch of old vintage fabrics to dig into for it.

I have been loving the idea of quilts that look like fields from a plane. I think this one really captures it – especially out west where the fields are round!Purple Crop CirclesPurple Crop Circles

The quilted grids and geometric quilting hopefully bring that feeling out.

I don’t have a great picture of the back. I used the bird print from Tula Pink’s Bird and the Bees. It’s a pretty boring way to use the print. Purple Crop Circles

And in this picture you can see how much I need a lint roller! I am just sick to death of threads everywhere. But not thread, you know, just the scrap thread. I still love a beautiful spool of thread. For the record I did the chunky corner of variegated thread on purpose. I wanted it to look kind of weird. It worked!
Purple Crop Circles



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