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Pillow Party!

I accomplished several things today, on MY BIRTHDAY.

1. I continued having a cold/sinus infection. Good work!

2. I peacefully got the squirrel that my cat chased into my house off my desk and out the door. (Though I could have gotten better pictures…)

Squirrel on Computer

3. I posted a bunch of pillows that I finished on Etsy. And a very geeky set of ornaments. I’m excited to have stuff up there that’s under $100 again.  I did the embroideries mostly over the winter, but never turned them into pillow cases. The last couple days I’ve been determined to “Make It Sew.” And sew I did.

Ooh, can I patent “Make It Sew”? A brief google search shows me that a million people have already named their store and/or products “Make It Sew” Ha ha.

The intersection of sewing and Star Trek nerds = best people in the world.

4. Also I sold a quilt and made a label for the back using the embroidery function on my machine which I always forget how to use. But I re-learn faster every time.

Pillow Party

Anyway, because I have accomplished more than sleeping all day, I think I deserve some affirmation from one of my new pillows:
Damn I'm Good Embroidered Pillow

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