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Owl Quilt Finished!

Quilting and Star TrekAfter a ri-donkulous amount of time, I have finished this Owl Quilt – which I made a tutorial for the owl part back in February. Actually, I finished it sometime in March, but then misplaced it in the move. It was in a bag of quilts, so, shocker.

I wanted to talk about how I quilted the quilt – mostly because I like this picture so much: it proves that I really do watch Star Trek and quilt – ergo I am in fact the coolest person on the planet.

Oh, and yes, I did use an Earl Grey Tea Canister to make the circles for the quilt – Captain Jean Luc Picard’s favorite type of tea, for those who aren’t awesome.

So, I have been enjoying free motion quilting more in the last year and a half – basically since I got a new sewing machine that can do it – but I don’t like working with out a template. Lots of quilters can make really awesome swirls free-hand but I don’t like mine. I love these super consistent lollipop style swirls. So I drew circles all over the quilt and put a swirl in each one. I used variegated thread, so they look even more like candy.


The quilt is for sale on Etsy – not that it will sell, but you know, for the fun of it.

Owl QuiltOwl Quilt


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