On British Television

Yesterday I quilted and watched three episodes of the BBC show Sherlock, a modern day adaptation which includes Stephan Moffat as a writer. I like his writing for Dr. Who, and I liked Sherlock. What I didn’t like, or couldn’t comprehend, was the season was THREE EPISODES long and aired in the summer of 2010 and “Season” two is also going to be three episodes long and air in 2012 (thanks Wikipedia!).

I don’t like or dislike British TV. In fact, I find I like the same percentage of it as I do American TV. But the seasons really confound me. 6 here, 3 there, 13 over here, 12 and a bonus Christmas episode. In America you have certainty  regarding how many episodes to expect. 22-24 if the show is popular and less if they randomly cancel it. And also mini-series.

If the debates about jobs have taught me anything, it’s that the American people want certainty.


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