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Now, This is Just Crazy.

Ok, definitely bigger than an eye lash. But so much smaller than a floppy disk.Technology is getting so small it is almost inconvenient – but for now it is still mostly convenient.  I just put a 16 GB storage card in my phone that is smaller than my eyelash. Ok, slightly larger than an eyelash, smaller than a quarter.  Our phones came with 2GB microSD cards which I thought was crazy spacious, then I got an email offering a deal ($20?) on the 16GB ones around the same time my mp3 player broke and hey-o! Now I am going to stick like 30 hundred audiobooks on this more or less eyelash sized gadget and then listen to them.

The headphones I am going to listen to them on are also outrageously smaller than the Princess Leia style ones we used to wear when, like, the Princess Leia movies came out.

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