New Pattern: Snuggle Time!

It's on Etsy!OMG I finally made a new pattern. Kind of the opposite of the summer veggies patterns I am working on thinking about working on, it is a wintery-ish pattern – umm…in honor of everyone over wintering in Antarctica right now? Did you know that they get an order of over 16,000 condoms in for the 100 researchers who spend the winter there?

Anyway, if it is summer where you are, you always have the option to sit in front of a fan to snuggle with your favorite moose or unicorn, so my timing is still good.

Even though I drew this and probably am not supposed to gush over my own stuff, but can I just say that the moose’s rump is like the cutest thing ever to me? Except for the stegosaurus/dragon thing, I actually did look at pictures of animals sleeping to draw these. I then embroidered them on some flannel pillowcases – and used glow in the dark thread for the unicorn.

ALSO you may notice that this pattern is listed for $4 because I am raising my prices on my patterns. They are still like the cheapest embroidery patterns on Etsy, which is kind of evil to other pattern sellers, except no one else is selling moose rump embroidery patterns…

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  • Kelldandy

    Thank you so much for the moose!! I have a moose bathroom and have been looking (off and on) for a moose embroidery pattern and this one is so cute!

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