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Neutral Linen Baby Name Quilts

More baby quilts! When I was a kid, I had a baby quilt with my name on it, and I LOVED THAT QUILT. So I try to always add a name onto quilts I make for kids. In this case, I was making two matching quilts for some little brothers. I struggled with the placement of the names. I had it set in my head that I had to use these dots. Now I regret the dots.

First I had just one dot, I loved the one dot, I made the quilt and it was finished. But then I thought it looked like Trumano. Not what I was going for. In retrospect, I should have, at this point, removed the dot. But it would have been a mess, as then the name would have been off center, and everything was already appliqued down with fusible webbing.

Baby Name Quilt - Neutrals and Linen

Then I thought I would add a dot on each side. but it was off center. I hated it. Two dots was worse than one!


Baby Name Quilt - Neutrals and Linen

So, more dots? I added more dots. Then at least it fills up the whole line. I really liked this, but now after it’s all sewn down, I don’t like it. I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Baby Name Quilt - Neutrals and Linen

Baby Name Quilt - Neutrals and Linen

So now it says otrumanoo Sigh.

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  • Mary Roberts

    i startled my sleeping next to me dog whilst reading your post with my laughter. You could appliquĂ© a truck, animal, or superhero in the circle. Seriously I wouldn’t worry they will love them and you for making them. You’ll know for next time. Big quilting hugs from me.

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